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About Yakindow 

Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Bold, fearless and totally reliable.
At Yakindow we believe in recreation of these sentiments in all we do. The future of the breed depends on it.

An ANKC member since 2011 and registered breeder under the Yakindow Prefix since 2013, the first litter at Yakindow arrived in 2017, being the culmination of 6 years of research into pedigrees, studying of dogs both in and out of the ring in a variety of countries including the UK, and experience of showing and handling dogs from a variety of lines.

The Yakindow Vision is one fueled by passion.  Passion for the breed, passion for correct type, construction and temperament, passion for improvement, passion for creation of a stafford that needs no introduction and that commands your attention.  Passion for breeding that will speak for itself, in the ring and in offspring.


Time has also been spent listening to the debates about height, weight, stop, muzzle, bite, depth, chest, rib, loin, movement, topline and tails.  True that contribution has also been made to the discussion at times, naively so in the early days.  Everyone's opinion is valuable, take from each what you will. We are nothing if we cannot learn from the success and failures of those gone before us, nor can we truly develop vision if we are blinded by what we see or what others say.


The foundation of Yakindow is Brohez.  A debt that will never truly be paid, though not for want of trying.   Respect is earned, never demanded or assumed, Fiona has earned due respect a thousand times over.

Trust and true friendship in this game are hard to come by.   We are blessed if we can lay claim to loyal and honest allies that we know have our backs.  You know who you are.


Stafford People.  Stafford Love.

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