Sydney Royal Hunter Horses 2017


Judging is an honour and a privilege and to be invited to give an opinion is something which I have never and will never take for granted.

To be asked to judge at the most prestigious horse event in Australia is an honour of the highest order, to be asked twice is nothing short of amazing.

I judged Working Hunters in 2013 and was invited back to judge Hunter Horses, novices and opens in 2017.

A very special weekend, supported by fantastic stewards and ring staff, made only more wonderful by the sportsmanship and acceptance of my decisions in the ring and the wonderful smiles on the faces of my very worthy winners. 


I will never forget the look on Pheobe's face as she turned to look at her mum in the stand when the horse that came second in her class returned to the main arean to work out for reserve.  The moment she realised she had not only taken Novice Champion two days earlier, but that she was about to take out the main Hunter Championship.

Dreams do come true sometimes. xxx

SY174205 best novice.jpg

Above: Phoebe Wilkinson and Greenoaks Munich - Novice Hunter Champions. Below: Sarah Lamb and Master Tonto winner of the exc 16hh n/exc 16.2hh novice class and a horse I would very much like to own myself.

SY173944 16.2 1st novice preso.jpg