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Since finding my first show Stafford in 2011, this wonderful breed has opened up a world of adventure and travel.  I have met some amazing people from all over the world, brought together by our shared love and appreciation for these amazing dogs.  

Vegas girls 2017.jpg
Vegas Boys 2017.jpg
Vegas 2017.jpg
Vegas 2017 Rowndz.jpg
Vegas 2017 Limo.jpg
Vegas 2017 Rooftop.jpg
Lassonis New Jersey.jpg
AKC Musuem New York.jpg
Universal Studios LA 2017.jpg
Central Station New York.jpg
NYC Meet and Greet.jpg
NYC 2019 Veteran.jpg
NYC 2019 Vinny.jpg
NYC 2019 Chaka.jpg
longfellow stafford lounge.jpg
Derry 2015.jpg
longfellow belfast.jpg
Blackpoll 2015 steps.jpg
Blackpool 2015.jpg
Stafford Love.tif
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